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Your Life is Worth Protecting.  This Issue is Worth Pursuing.
These are the foundational principles that guide our research and programming.  The reality is that sexual assault is a prevalent danger in our society.  Let's make sure the Survivors voices are heard, we learn from them, and we take action to stop sex crimes once and for all.  

Discover The Science of Survival...
This FREE online video series could help save your life or the life 
of someone you know.

    ~ A comprehensive look at the how and why sex crimes occur.

    ~ Learn self defense techniques that are proven to work and offset the dangerous reality that sexual predators with intent to rape, are at large.  

   ~ Building an understanding of conduct, to recognize if YOU may be demonstrating actions that are equivalent to the actions of a sexual predator.

    ~ An educational, scientifically supported program that empowers women and men to take down rape culture in our society.


Self Defense for Badass Women:  Strike to Injure & Escape

About this course:  The only way to stop an attacker in their tracks, is to make them pay dearly for trying to do so in the first place.

Emotional Release Bootcamp:  Movement and Mindfulness

About this course:  Inside each and every one of us is a warrior self assigned to protect something of deep and personal value. Unlock your inner warrior and break through blockages and limiting beliefs created by emotional and/or physical trauma. (Level: Moderate Intensity, 400 calories, 1 hour 15 min, Strength & Mental Acuity)

Click HERE for a Complete List of Our Courses!

1 in 4 American women are victims of sexual assault

Women ages 12-34 are the highest risk group for sexual assault and human trafficking

Learning Self Defense increases your chances of escaping an assault by 80%

According to a study 10-15% of males have intent to rape

According to a study 30% of males have intent to force sexual intercourse (which is rape, they just do not see it that way)

Besides offering Valuable and FREE educational content...

We also offer fully Downloadable Video Programs to Show at Your School or Organization.  Hours of Content Empower you as an Educator to decide how to best serve your students and/or clients.


Book Our Team to Present!  We provide lectures, talks, and even dazzling Martial Arts & Parkour demonstrations and workshops! 

"After going through the lessons I felt like I could protect myself"
- Stephanie C.
Rocklin, CA
"I think the message is really beautiful.  Some of it was intense, but overall, the message that your life is worth protecting.  That was the part that really got me."
- Grace P.
Rocklin, CA
"They put on a presentation at our school assembly and the show was AMAZING!!  That totally rocked, and I feel inspired!"
- Anonymous (survey submission)
Auburn, CA
"I would definitely recommend this program to someone I know and care about"
- Michelle Z.
Saratoga, CA
"The talks were engaging because of the real life stories.  I was compelled the whole time."
- Anonymous (survey submission)
Rocklin, CA
About the Creators of Survival Science 
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