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Here's What You'll Learn:
  • Toss a 225 lb. attacker on his ass for trying to put his hands on you. Send a clear message that you are a dangerous liability.
  • Learn close quarter combat and escape some of the most common attacks used on women. 
  • Learn how to fend off multiple attackers and position yourself to an advantage while you rail brutal knee strikes into the attackers face.
  • Learn how to dissipate and minimize a dangerous situation from escalating, BUT also know how to play the same mind games predators use on their victims. Know the "Dark Triad" and make certain your attacker becomes the "fool".
  • Understand and use threat analysis, and let your attacker know you will not go down without a fight! You have an 80% chance of surviving and escaping an assault if you resist your attacker verbally and physically.
  • Throw a man 2x your size off of you from a mounted (rape) position and stomp his face out while you make a run for it.
  • Fight to end the fight. Learn how to strike to injure, debilitate, and ultimately be completely ruthless in your defense tactics.
  • Get access to badass conditioning regimes that will make you a ridiculously tough target.
  • Learn the art and science of fleeing a dangerous situation by using Parkour fundamentals.  
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